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UAE offshore incorporation

makes easier for you to run your business or asset ownership in the Middle East in the most profitable manner. It has been estimated that 65% of the worlds hard currency is held in offshore banks and that around 40% of world trade in goods are transacted through offshore finance centre's. Offshore companies and/or offshore trusts are not the illicit hideaways that many would have you believe. They can in fact provide you with enormous tax savings and asset protection in a legal manner if setup correctly. They can also afford the ultimate beneficial owner a certain amount of anonymity.

For your offshore incorporation in UAE, there exist many service providers offering a competitive offshore package. An offshore company must be registered through approved Registered Agent. The office address of the Registered Agent is the registered office of the Company. The offshore package offered by any service provider stipulates that the agent representing the service provider would act as a link between the newly formed offshore enterprise and the local government.

UAE Offshore Incorporation - Features and regulations:

  • The capital of the company can be any amount divided into any denomination.
  • The minimum number of shareholders and directors is one.
    Minimum number of shareholder required  one
    Minimum number of Directors  one - RAK Offshore
     two - Jebel Ali Offshore
    Secretary required  one (Director can also be a Secretary)
    Directors or Secretary must be natural persons. No minimum capital is prescribed. All shares must be fully paid when allotted. A company may not create different classes of shares. Bearer shares cannot be issued. Presently, joint shareholding is not allowed.
  • 100% foreign ownership permitted and 100% tax and duty exemption exists on UAE off shore incorporation companies.
  • Opening a corporate bank account in UAE is permitted.
  • A registered agent (legal firms, auditors, consultants) is required to be appointed by the Company from the approved list of registered agents maintained by UAE Free Zone.
  • The Offshore domicile is located in the UAE Free Zone.
  • The investors need not visit the authority to incorporate the company, however the documents need to be signed in the registered agent's office.
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UAE offshore incorporation

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